Friday, 7 March 2014

windows 8 first part

Windows 8 is something new for Microsoft. Since the very first version of Windows was released in 1985, the main “desktop” user interface is taking a back seat to something new and, dare I say, radical. This can present challenges for some users and there is certainly a learning curve. This book is here to help with that. Why would you want to stop there though? All that was in Windows 7 still exists along with a lot more new features. This book will help guide you from computer novice to the stage where you can feel comfortable maintaining, safeguarding, and even customizing your own copy of Windows 8, giving clear instructions and easy-to-follow step-bystep guides. Beginning Windows 8 will show you how to be productive, protect your family, and how to unlock the hidden features and power that exist within this operating system—helping you to become comfortable, feel confident, and take your first steps toward becoming a Windows power user.